Industrial springs

H&R develops and produces springs for numerous applications in almost all areas of technology.

H&R stands for competence and flexibility in the field of industrial springs. From a simple ballpoint pen spring to springs for heavy duty purposes, we can put your wishes into practice. H&R develops and produces springs for numerous applications in almost all areas of technology. Our technical support by our engineers in the project planning phase, during dimensioning, material selection, spring calculation, analysis of the spring function and design support, together with implementation in production, ensures a tailor-made product. The relevant properties such as statics, dynamics, low relaxation, fatigue strength, temperature resistance, special (UV-resistant) corrosion protection, etc. are met depending on the specific requirements and quality specifications. In-house tests such as fatigue strength tests, crack tests and salt spray tests flank the quality in development and production.

Application range

  • aircraft industry, subway, cable car, trains, armaments industry
  • mineral oil industry
  • automobile industry
  • mechanical engineering, etc.

Order form compression springs

Order form tension springs

Eyelet forms according to DIN 2097

Product overview/Technical specifications

Compression springs

wire thickness range of 0.3 up to 50 mm with linear and progressive characteristics, cylindrical, conical and/ or barrel-shaped design.

Tension springs

from 0,3 up to 40 mm wire diameter with all desired eyelet shapes incl. rolled hook and screwed plug. Bent eyelet shapes almost exclusively on existing universal tools.

Leg springs

with any required leg shape between 0.3 and 40 mm wire diameter.

Flat wire springs

Leaf springs of approx. 3 x 0.3 to approx. 200 x 15 mm

Bent wire parts

d 0.3 - d 50 mm wire diameter

Snap rings, spring rings and insert rings

d 0,5 − d 40 mm.

Vehicle / automotive springs

in all shapes and designs.

Shock absorbers

for vehicles and industry.

Processed materials:

High-quality spring material from proven and efficient suppliers.

Patented drawn spring steel wires from 0.3 - 22 mm wire diameter, oil quenched and tempered spring wires and valve spring wires, inductively quenched and tempered spring wires also in "high-strength" design from 0.5 - 18 mm wire thickness.

Stainless spring wires of all known standards from 0.3 - 25 mm wire diameter, as well as special qualities such as Inconel X 750, Hastelloy, Nimonic 90, titanium.

Hardenable steel (like 50CrV4) from 7 - 50 mm wire diameter.

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