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For decades H&R has been one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of sporty suspension components in top motorsport.

From the FIA-World Rally Championship, Formula 1, GP2, the DTM, German Rally Championship, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula E and other well known Championships and Endurance Races, racing cars equipped with H&R have won all over the world, hence, H&R has become synonymous with victory in the motorsport business. Many famous teams in the worldwide motorsport business count on the know how of the H&R suspension specialists and engineers from Germany’s Sauerland. H&R stands for success in motorsport.

As not every team can afford to design and fit expensive special applications, H&R engineers have designed a range of standard motorsport Race Springs for the dedicated privateers and teams. H&R offers a large quantity of linear high performance Race Springs HRF, which are available in different lengths and spring rates. The high tensile spring steel, which is of the same specification as, for example, those used in the DTM or World Rally Championship, guarantees a minimum weight at maximum spring travel.

Race springs

Main Springs:

Are made of extremely solid spring steel. This leads to a reduction of weight and more travel for a given spring rate than competitive springs made of usual spring steel. The main spring has a linear characteristic. By choosing suitable bump stops the block setting of the main spring must be avoided in use.

Helper springs:

Made of a special trapezoid material which resists long lasting solid stress can also be used. They can either increase the rebound travel or the response of the spring system, depending on whether the helper springs are already closed and have more travel, or if they can still influence the rate of the chosen main spring. To harmonize the intersection of the main and helper spring there are also some progressive helper springs in the range. In addition to this, there are also many accessories available like spring plates, setting nuts, counter nuts and bump stops.

Formula 3 and Formula Student (SAE) racing springs – small but fine

For the smallest formula racers H&R has developed a range of springs with 36 mm inner diameter. Here too, precise production with low tolerances forms the basis for reproducible driving behavior. The use of high-strength spring steel allows a low weight and a large spring travel in relation to the length and thus contributes to lightweight design. A range of helper springs complements the race springs offered.


In case a coil over suspension or a main- / helper spring set up is not allowed in a race series, special springs with an OE spring support can be used.These springs are designed for the specific race purpose. A combination for the matching race or rallye shock absorbers concerning length and characteristics is recommended. To ease the assortment, the free length of the springs is mentioned. The shock absorbers extended length must be shortened to guarantee an prevent the springs from slack with the wheel hanging out.

The springs are partly available in different spring-rates and different heights. The part numbers mentioned are for one single spring, by ordering please remember to order 2 pieces per axle.

The part numbers are composed like the following, example 1:


=> Race Gr. G, based on spring set 29664 (BMW E30) , front spring, spring rate 100 N/mm

Unless otherwise noted the race springs are designed to a lowering of 40-50mm.

Additionally there are Group G springs with original height or even higher which are especially designed for rally use with it´s fierce conditions like jumps and / or gravel stages.

Example 2: RP701HA-110

=> Race Gr. G, Rally, based on spring set 29701 (BMW E30 M3) rear spring, spring rate 110 N/mm

Individual special applications are possible on request, as far as technically possible.

For enquiries please mention the car details as well as the race purpose and the requested height (original car height or lower / higher).

Please note: The springs are delivered with a TÜV approval of the matching public road spring set to make the homologation easier (in Germany: homologation following § 21 STVZO). More info / data of the Group G springs are not available.

Group G springs do not have an own approval.

It is recommended to clarify suspension changes like this BEFORE homologation, in case a homologation is needed.

Please use the request sheet on page for your individual inquiry.

RSS Monotube Clubsport Coil over kits

The most sporty version of the H&R monotube height adjustable coil overs are the H&R Clubsport coil overs in Nürburgring set-up. A set-up tested between normal street coil over kit and real race suspension kit and useable on the race track is the first choice for an ambitious sporty driver. The RSS Clubsport coil over kits are designed for performance enthusiast who is willing to relinquish ride comfort in return for ultimate hadling performance. The RSS Clupsport kits are the choice for weekend track and Clubsport events. These coil overs are not usable for professional racing.They partly come with TÜV-approval.

H&R dampers are Monotube gas preassure shock absorber in upside down technology which is superior in terms of lateral stiffness is used on wheel-guiding axle struts to increase level of performance and grip. The RSS Clubsport coil over kits are designed for performance enthusiast who is willing to relinquish ride comfort in return for ultimate hadling performance. The RSS Clupsport kits are the choice for weekend track and Clubsport events.

Monotube Race coil over kits

H&R race coil overs are renowned in racing series worldwide. High grade monotube shock absorbers are used with application-specific high tensile springs to complete race-suspensions.

The struts are upside down technology and the shock absorbers are equipped with spherical bearings whenever possible. Suspensions are built to order, so delivery time may vary and will be given on request. Custom made suspensions, based on the H&R layout, are also possible.

Alternative spring combinations

Deviation in shock absorber lengths from H&R normal spec.


Consulting on working parameters, cost and delivery time will be given on a case-to-case base. The race coil overs are not TÜV approved and designed for Motorsport use only. Race coil overs can only be produced on request and can not be returned. They can not be used for normal road-use.

Catalog extracts + form

Race springs

Request-sheet for race springs

Race Coil overs

Our promise – the H&R-Service

The suspension inspection

H&R suspensions stand for quality and performance. In the case of suspension components that are subject to heavy wear and tear, an inspection of the installed components will pay off over the years. We would be pleased to check your suspension. Please check with your H&R importer for details.

The suspension revision

H&R suspensions stand for quality and performance. But even the best components are subject to wear and aging. We would be pleased to check your H&R Monotube coil over suspension, your racing or special suspension and agree with you on a revision if necessary. In the course of an overhaul we can also consider your change requests. Please check with your H&R importer for details.

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