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Coil-Over Suspension


We bring the renowned H&R racing technology directly onto the road in a unique combination of performance, lowering and comfort.

The new H&R DCS coil over suspension allows, in addition to stepless lowering, separate adjustment of compression and rebound damping for an individualised driving experience. The new suspension system not only ensures a significant improvement in road safety, but also outstanding performance in everyday driving and at the limit. High-quality components, such as our stainless steel shock absorbers and high-strength suspension springs, reduce pitching and rolling movements during rapid load changes, cornering, acceleration and braking manoeuvres. This not only leads to shorter braking distances, but also provides an increased feeling of safety in everyday driving.

Compression and rebound damping can be adjusted separately and independently of each other. This enables precise adjustment of the shock setup to individual driving behaviour preferences. Regardless of whether the weight of the vehicle changes, the use of different tyre profiles or modified vehicle rigidity, e.g. with our H&R sport stabilisers – the system enables real performance optimisation. Targeted adjustments, such as increasing the compression damping force, improve tyre grip, make turn-in behaviour more precise and reduce unwanted pitching when starting off without compromising rebound damping.

*H&R DCS coil over suspension in the new BMW M3 CS (Type G80)

Your suspension setup – now individually and personally adjustable

The factory pre-configured damping setup with separately adjustable compression and rebound damping makes the H&R DCS coil over suspension the ideal choice for performance-oriented drivers and tuning fans who demand the highest standards of driving behaviour. The shock absorbers with their individual tuning possibility enable safe controllability – even at the limit.


The rebound damping (16 clicks) enables precise adjustment at low damper speeds, while the compression damping with 12 clicks allows individual adjustment of the cross-section in the low-speed valve. The result is targeted control of the compression damping in order to optimally support the vehicle body and at the same time enable a significant gain in comfort during high wheel acceleration.

*H&R DCS coil over suspension in the Tesla Model 3 (Type 003)


Adjustable lowering & cancellation module

The stepless lowering in the tested adjustment range according to the part approval, supported by the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread, makes the H&R DCS coil over suspension an investment in vehicle performance that will remain easily adjustable for years with normal care. The set includes H&R cancellation modules, which prevent error messages from being generated by the on-board electronics when replacing our DCS suspension system. However, the function of the control unit remains fully in function.


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