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Improved stability and precise handling

The BMW M2 is a powerful sports car with impressive performance and driving dynamics. If you want to optimise the handling of your M2 and increase stability in corners, the H&R anti-roll bars are an excellent choice. There are two versions of these stabilisers, depending on your specific requirements:

Version 1 (front axle):

  • Part No.: 33616-1
    BMW M2 Coupe, 2WD, Type G2M (G87)
    from year of construction 2023
    Diameter: front 32 mm
    adjustable: no

Version 2 (front axle and rear axle):

  • Part No.: 33616-2
    BMW M2 Coupe, 2WD, type G2M (G87)
    from year of construction 2023
    Diameter: front 32 mm / rear 27 mm
    Adjustable: no

H&R anti-roll bars have been developed to minimise the lateral inclination of your vehicle in bends and increase stability. This results in precise and agile handling, especially when cornering and travelling faster on the road or track. You can adapt the driving behaviour of your BMW M2 to your personal preferences. You help to ensure that your vehicle sits even better on the road and offers impressive performance without compromising driving comfort.

Before and after comparison