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Lowering Springs for Mercedes Benz GLB

The most versatile compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz generously redefines space. The new GLB with longitudinally adjustable rear seats & large variable load space has now also been put under the microscope by the H&R engineers, who have developed new lowering springs. This not only makes the Mercedes look beefier, it also drives more agilely around corners by shifting the centre of gravity.

Lowering springs:

Part No.: 28585-1

Mercedes Benz GLB, Type F2B (X247)
GLB 180 / 200, 2WD, for 5 + 7 seater,
incl. comfort suspension, incl. adaptive damping
from year of construction 2019

Lowering: approx. front 30 mm / rear 30 mm

Before and after comparison