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New Products for

New products for Audi RS4 Avant

H&R now offers two particularly sporty suspension options for the Ingolstadt Express truck. But in this case, the buyer is not spoilt for choice. The height-adjustable spring systems (HVF) are only used in vehicles ordered ex works with the RS sport suspension and adaptive damping control. Here the Audi standard shocks, also in their mode of operation, remain intact and work as usual.

It is not necessary to put the electronic shocks out of service!

The H&R HVF system rewards with continued high driving comfort at a level close to standard combined with a stepless reduction of the ground clearance at the front and rear axle by up to 35 millimetres as well as all the dynamic driving advantages of lowering and the corresponding appearance.

If, on the other hand, the RS 4 Avant was originally ordered with the conventional suspension, the new H&R coilover suspension is the right choice. Here, the standard suspension struts are exchanged for those of the H&R coilover suspension and allow a sporty, tight adjustment and a continuously lowering between 15-40mm at the front and 15 – up to 35 millimetres at the rear axle.

The lower vehicle centre of gravity ensures even more dynamic steering and reduces body movements in fast corners. Last but not least, the visual appearance also benefits here: The RS 4 literally stretches over the asphalt.
All H&R components are 100% Made in Germany and of course have the necessary parts certificates.

H&R HVF systems are only available through selected H&R distributors.

H&R components for the Audi RS 4 Avant
from year of construction 04/2018, type B8 (B9) with RS sport suspension plus adaptive damper control

HVF Height adjustable spring system
Part number 23012-2
Lowering: front approx.10-30mm, rear approx.15-35mm

Monotube coil over
Part number 28694-2
Lowering: front approx.15-40mm, rear approx.15-35mm

Before and after comparison