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New Products for

New products for Opel Vivaro

Space problems? Vivaro! The price-performance king in terms of spaciousness and storage space is now also closer to the ground in terms of driving. With the H&R sport springs, the Vivaro not only drives more agilely, it also looks significantly sleeker!

Part no.: 28601-1

Opel Vivaro / Zafira Life, 2WD, type V
incl. Life + Cargo + SW + double cab + Flexspace double cab,
excl. Electro versions,
only for car length 4956-4959 mm (M) + 5306 – 5309 mm (L),
wheel base: 3275 mm
from year 2019
Lowering: front 30 mm / rear 30 mm

Before and after comparison

Before and after comparison