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Coil-Over Suspension,Young- & Oldtimer

NSU TT H&R Coil overs

The rear-engined NSU TT was launched in 1967. Modern suspension layout and light weight enabled an amazing manoeuvrability. 65 horsepower were not bad either.

Happy 55th birthday!

Sport and race drivers highly appreciated that the engine can be tuned to a high level, up to the double of the factory power. So it is no wonder that hill racing and slalom became the natural habitat of this nimble rocket. Nevertheless the car and its driver are having fun on B-roads till today.

H&R offers a range of purpose-built suspensions, with and without external damping force adjustment for:

Street / Clubsport, (circuit) race, hill race, slalom race

All suspensions feature threaded aluminum front shock absorbers with race springs, rugged steel rear shock absorbers and aluminum rear height adjusters with race springs.


RSS-74-739-1/1-V         Street / Clubsport with damping adjustment

RSS-74-739-1/1             Street / Clubsport without damping adjustment

RSN-74-739-1/1-V        Race with damping adjustment

RSN-74-739-1/1            Race without damping adjustment

RSB-…                           Hill-Race

RSL-…                            Slalom

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