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The characteristics of the BONEHELIX® are particularly impressive for transverse and short oblique fractures of the humerus and tibia. Stabilisation with the BONEHELIX® is also possible for long oblique fractures, provided that the anatomy has been restored in advance with the help of rope cerclage so that the BONEHELIX® can find support.

Complete distal lower leg fracture in a 23-year-old woman. Extensive reconstruction almost four months after insertion of the BONEHELX® prototype. Last observation was made on the occasion of an expert opinion 14 months after the accident.


Mild osteoporosis, angle plate for subcapital humerus fracture. Screw avulsion, plate loosening and development of a second fracture at the end of the plate. Instead of a longer plate, bio-dynamic composite with BONEHELIX® prototype. Rapid reconstruction of both fractures without complications. Last observation after seven months.


Long spiral fracture A1 with fissure extensions into the head in a 56-year-old woman. First of all rope cerclage via minimal intervention to restore the anatomy as a prerequisite for effective insertion of the BONEHELIX® in the same session. Rapid healing, free function.

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